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Keep the Entire Community Happy with Artificial Grass

Is your townhouse or condo community thinking about adding a playground? Then there will surely be some discussion about which type of turf to use. While some might think about using real dirt and grass, the truth is that artificial grass has many wonderful benefits that real […]

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The Benefit of Artificial Turf During a Drought

Water scarcity is present to some degree on every continent on the earth. The United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UNDESA), which completed an intensive “decade of water” program in 2015, tells us that “Water scarcity is both a natural and a human-made phenomenon.” Unfortunately, […]

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Before & After: Turf Installation in Frisco, TX

Any pool owner knows that a safe walkway, along with keeping their pool as clean as possible, are top priorities. At Synthetic Greenscapes we offer a solution to both of these backyard concerns. Pictured below is a backyard turf installation in Frisco, TX. Synthetic turf used around a pool provides […]

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Before & After: Playground Turf Installation in Rio Vista, TX

Playground Turf Installation in Rio Vista, TX At Little Feet Learning Center the kids play outdoors daily and the owner’s number one goal is to keep them safe. Synthetic turf allows the kids to be active on a much safer ground. The weather has little to no effect […]

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Recreational Turf: The Solution to Lawn Bare Spots

Many of us like to have backyard volleyball or a soccer game on the weekend. It’s nice to just invite some friends over for sports and not have to worry about driving to a park. The only problem is how much wear and tear it puts on […]

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Top Reasons for Investing in Synthetic Playground Grass

Interested in using the backyard as a playground for your little ones? Then consider using synthetic playground grass. We have compiled the top reasons for investing in synthetic playground grass. Perfect for Toddlers and Teenagers Do you have a toddler who is only just learning how to walk and […]

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Playground Grass: A Parent’s Choice

How many times has your child come inside from playing on the lawn with muddy, grass stained knees?  Your child has the time of their life romping on the grass with their toys and friends, but their clothes are paying a hefty price, not to mention your […]

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Heavy Rain? You Don’t Have to Worry with Synthetic Grass

The current El Nino weather pattern is playing havoc with the weather in Dallas/Fort Worth and Texas in general.  After several years of very dry weather, the past couple of years have brought heavy rain to parts of Texas and severe weather swings can make drainage a challenge. […]

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Set Up the Perfect Small Dog Park with Synthetic Park Turf

When designing a dog park with small dog breeds in mind, you need to consider what kind of turf to use. In order for the turf to continue to last for years to come, you may want to consider synthetic park turf instead of using real grass. If […]

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Save on Water Bills with Artificial Grass

If you’re looking for ways to make your property easier to maintain and would like a lower water bill each month, but are unsure of where to cut costs, it’s a good idea to look into getting your grass lawn replaced. While a green lawn can look […]

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