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The Grass Truly is Greener: 3 Benefits of Synthetic Lawns

The grass is always greener on the other side, right? That old cliché is especially true if there’s a synthetic lawn next door. Synthetic lawns stay green while relieving much of a headache associated with live lawns. 1. Create More Free Time Lawns require a lot of maintenance. […]

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Three reasons why artificial pet turf is dog-friendly

When designing the yard space of your dreams, it’s important to consider the needs of your canine housemates and select dog-friendly turf. Artificial turf might not be the first grass that comes to your mind, but here are three reasons why you should seriously consider it for […]

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Highland Park Concrete Grid With Turf Strips

There is an easier way to have that dream lawn this year, use synthetic grass. The great news is your new dream lawn will actually mean no more weeds, no more mowing, no more fertilizer, and no more watering. Your dream lawn will also stay green year […]

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Reduce Stress, Add Synthetic Grass

Health Advocate, Inc. conducted a study on stress in the workplace and found that illnesses related to stress are costing businesses almost $300 billion a year. Stress causes employees to miss work and that can result in work not being finished or being delayed. Plus, stress causes […]

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Artificial Putting Greens — A Sweet Roll

Ask any experienced golfer what is the best way to lower scores and he’ll answer, “Making more putts.”  During a round, strokes taken on the greens can account for up to 50% of a golfer’s total score.  You’ve taken lessons, bought the newest flat stick but still […]

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Creative Pool Turf Designs

There are numerous benefits for homeowners who surround their pool with pool turf including increased safety, limited maintenance when compared to real grass, and a cooler surface when walking or sitting around the pool. Some of our clients, however, worry about the aesthetic appeal of adding pool turf. Check out these three […]

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Synthetic Grass is an Ideal Choice for Playgrounds

One of the main reasons for having synthetic grass for a play area is safety. You can have a padded underlayment so that it’s less likely children will fall.  Besides being softer, there are no hidden roots, bumps, sticks or other obstacles that can result in children […]

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Create a Maintenance-Free Oasis in Your Own Backyard!

If you are an active family, your grass often takes a beating. Kids playing, backyard sports and pets all wear down live turf. With sustained use, it doesn’t take long for pathways of dead or dying grass to materialize in your yard. No matter how much fertilizer […]

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3 Reasons Why You Need Artificial Grass

For decades, lawns filled with non-native grass have been norm in Texas. People are just now starting to question the necessity and environmental cost of grass and it’s about time. Here’s 3 great reasons to skip the grass and go with artificial turf for your lawn. Grass Wastes Precious Water According […]

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Dallas, TX Artificial Turf Installation

This Dallas, TX family recently selected Synthetic GreenScapes to transform their backyard with artificial turf.  After making the decision to install synthetic grass around the perimeter of their new pool, they also decided to incorporate turf on the opposing side of the driveway. Their main goal for selecting synthetic grass […]

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