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Using Turf for Recreational Areas

Kids playing outside means tracking grass, dirt, and leaves inside. Going for a swim can sometimes bring dirt and sand into the pool. Using an artificial turf around your most-trafficked outdoor recreational areas eliminates these problems.

Using Turf for Recreational Areas

There is no walking in the dirt, so mud is no longer a problem. Your home and patio are easier to keep clean, and there is more harmony in the home without having to constantly remind family members not to track dirt and grass in the home.

There are fewer bugs because they do not have a place to hide and live. They are not going to be there in quantity when you lay on the grass since the turf is not hospitable to them. There are fewer allergens and pollens from grass and weeds, so you and yours have fewer allergy symptoms.

Artificial turf is washable. If it ever does get dirty from blown dust or leaves, that’s very easy to fix with a quick spray from the hose. Using turf for recreational areas is safer, cleaner, and lower maintenance – which gives you more time to actually use them for recreation. Contact Synthetic GreenScapes to learn how to improve your space today!

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Synthetic GreenScapes is an independent dealer of synthetic grass in Richardson, TX. We carry only the highest quality synthetic grass in the industry. Our products are designed to create the most realistic artificial grass and putting greens for commercial and residential properties in the Dallas area. Synthetic GreenScapes prides itself on delivering the highest quality artificial turf and excellent customer service. Learn More About Synthetic GreenScapes

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